Allow owner to increment reactions

Setting up a list of features for a new product, with a reaction for every feature.
Problem is some stakeholders are not going to be logged as Coda users, so wanted to ask if will be possible to take in account their vote enabling the document owner to have more than 1 single vote (so voting for others, not being Coda users)

I don’t believe this is possible but there’s at least one hack around it:

  • Use a button instead of the reaction
  • When someone clicks the button you save their vote in a hidden column or a separate table
  • Clicking a second time would remove their vote (unless it’s an doc owner)
  • Doc owners could vote as many times as they’d like
  • Use the Badge functionality on the button to indicate # of votes placed

The downfall is the doc owner will need specific button on the table or modify the vote tracker column value/table rows to decrement their votes. Here’s a POC.