A "view" to add metadata to columns

I’d love some sort of view that allows the adding of additional information to columns themselves. I find when I have a table with more than, say, 10 rows (enough where lots of vertical scrolling and/or multiple table views are required), I begin to lose track of why certain columns were created. I’d love a view that would allow me to add additional data about the columns themselves, and the most incredible feature would be a text column that would become tooltips for the columns when hovered over on the table view.

For sure! This is a great suggestion. I love the documentation features of Airtable and the ways you can write rich descriptions for each and every table, column, and automation

Something similar for Coda would rock.

For right now though, when I need better documentation for teams on tables, columns, etc the doc explorer pack was built for that very purpose!


Scott! How do you keep doing this? Great stuff, thank you!

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