[Feature Request] Column Description Option, in Column Drop-down

I find myself often caught between two needs:

  1. Giving columns labels that help users understand what they are looking at/what they can do

  2. Give columns descriptions that help me keep track of their intended purpose and place in the table logic, and help others who might want to make use of the document schema understand how it works.

If, in the column drop-down, there were an “add description” or “add notes” option that allowed the maker to provide a more extensive narrative, it would be really, really useful in development, document sharing, and in not having to compromise between those two goals.


+1, and possibly add a setting to the table options so that you can choose who can see column descriptions(just the doc maker, maker and editors, or everyone).

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+100 here. This is one of the main features I miss from Airtable. This is really important for helping folks on our team that are less familiar with a given Coda on what all the data means and the “right” way to add/edit data.

As a work around, I find myself writing a lot of prose on a page, describing what each column represents and what values someone should put in that column. However, this only works if they find the page I write this one - but we have dozens of filtered views of important tables scattered across many other pages. Most people don’t see our column descriptions and it’s hard to keep table data standardized