Get all Column Names of a table for Documentation

Hello everyone!

In order to help several schools to use / understand / support a complex Coda doc, I would like to create a documentation where I list and explain all columns of the doc tables. Is there a way to get/grap/ list the column names either with their statically name now or even better synchronously?

I just want to create a table where I can list the names of the columns. No editing or synching option, I just need the names - ideally kept up to date in case I adjust them in the tables, or also if it’s just a one-off listing of the current column names.

Thank you!

One possibility that came to my mind, but is unnecessarily cumbersome, is to export the table as a CSV and extract the column names. Is there an “InCoda” option? The names are obviously grabbed / listed somewhere as meta-data by Coda.

Hi Huber

@Scott_Collier-Weir wrote a pack called doc explorer that is going to give you EXACTLY what you are looking for.


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Here you go @Huber_Stefan_Werner !


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