Finding formulas containing a particular column

Can anyone direct me to a process for tracking in a table or doc which columns are used in formulas and which formulas those columns are used in?

Use case: I want to delete a column, but first I want to check if that column is used in any existing formulas in other columns in the table or document.

I think there was a pack that enabled this kind of function, but I can’t recall where to find it.

The Doc Explorer Can so this

But if you just try to delete a column that is referenced elsewhere (columns, automations, etc) Coda should pop up a “are you sure you wanna do this? This column is connected to this other stuff”

Are you looking for more than that?

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Thanks Scott,
Your Doc Explorer Pack is exactly what I’m looking for!

Scott, does the Doc Explorer pack have an in between option to return columns for only SOME tables in a doc? I presently have to choose between one table or all tables.
I have a doc with over 142 tables and the pack is timing out trying to grab column data for them all. I only need the column data for about 10 of them.

I’m offering a column analysis service from $8 per doc here if of interest :slight_smile:

You can manually add new sync to the single ColumnData table.

So you’ll just use the single columnData table, add then add ten individual syncs to it using the ten table ids!

Let me know if you need help finding that option, happy to give some screenshots.

Thank you so much Scott,
That worked perfectly :smiley:

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So glad it was able to help!

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