Backlinks for Columns (see all formulas referencing a given column)

I remember seeing someone else suggest something very similar to this before, but I can’t find it now.

For canvas formulae and buttons (and most/all controls?), I can click a little link button to see all other formulae referencing that formula or object.

The Doc Map is wonderful. You know what would make it even more wonderful? If columns would show up there instead of tables, and vice versa if I could see see all backlinks (references) to a given column by clicking a similar link icon in the context menu or column settings.

I would find this very useful as I am editing the schema of tables with many many columns… sometimes I know that I can and should reduce the number of columns (eg because of redundancy) but then sometimes it’s tough to find exactly which column(s) I can delete.


+1! I’d like to delete redundant columns in some of my docs, but the the docs are so big that I often don’t know if some formula or table is using a given column. I find myself deleting a seemingly redundant column and then discovering later that I broke something.

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