Info on use of a column in a table

Love being able to see the doc map - but I’m wondering if there’s any way to see how a column is used through a doc
When re-working tables (that are otherwise live and have data in them) I want to be 100% sure I’ve finished fixing old methods before getting rid of deprecated columns. However, I cannot see ANY way of getting info on if a column is referenced elsewhere in my docs. Perhaps I’m missing something really easy?

At the moment, I’m just deleting, and then checking through other tables for possible errors/problems! Not brilliant on live documents.

Thanks for any help.

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There isn’t a full map of all dependencies. This would be very helpful, and it’s been discussed, it’s not on our plate yet though.

Cool. I’m getting used to figuring out ways to make finding stuff out more efficient. It’s scary trying to “clean up” a doc once you have it all working - without being able to see dependencies.