How to Calculate the Delta of a Data Set

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The dog we’re fostering gave birth to 7 puppies and I would like to calculate the delta of the puppies’ weight gain to determine if they’re gaining enough weight each day.

I have the data set up in this way: 3 columns, Puppy Name, Date and Weight. I would like a 4th column that calculates the delta of each day’s weight gain. It feels easy to set this up in a Excel or Google but have no idea how to do it in CODA.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Ah yes, you’ve stumbled across an area where spreadsheets are a bit more intuitive than Coda’s database table model. (Mainly because Coda is designed for flexibility, letting you create different views of a table in which some of the rows are filtered out, reordered, etc).

What you’re looking for is definitely doable, just takes a bit more legwork.

Have a look at this post:

Hey there @Lara_Arikan
Though I don´t have a solution for you. What I did (I also had to keep up with animals weight) is to make a view of that table in a Line Chart display. Date as horizontal, Weight as value and Segment by animal. It works perfectly!
I hope this may be a fast/temporary solution for you.

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