How to count the number of times a word is in a table?


So I have a table with a list of names. So basically, I want to count the number of times the name appears in my table so when I click on a button to add a new report, it gives me a number.

How do I do that?

Hello @Shiraaz_Peerkhan

If I understood correctly what you want is to count the number of occurrences for a name?
I propose you this example by hoping to have answered your request as well as possible.



Hey there!

If you can share an example doc that would be helpful. There are so many potential variables that make it difficult to provide a clear answer to you with the lack of information in your post.

Are the names in a single column?
Are they in multiple columns?
Are they embedded in larger bodies of text?
Are the names in a multi select list?

Screenshots, or better yet an example doc would help!

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I have a similar issue: need to display all the words in a text and how many times they are used. The text could be in a doc or in a column or canvas.

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