How to create decision making tool

I came across this excellent decision making matrix made for Google Sheets:

I’m having hard times trying to replicate it in Coda due to the way it was designed to make use of multiple header rows at the top and on the left of the table. This doesn’t seem to be possible to replicate in Coda with grouping option. Is

Is there any way of getting the same or similar result in coda? If you have any ideas I would love if you share it!

I like to keep as little amount of tools as possible so now when I replaced gSheets with Coda I hate coming back to it just to use this matrix! :sob:


Dear @b4n,

Did you see this post for inspiration

View items (tasks, assignments, etc.) by day of the week

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There’s no perfect solution for spreadsheet-like matrices in Coda. Here’s one way to look at it:

Some discussion on this topic:

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Hi @Dalmo_Mendonca

Your version looks so much simpler and cleaner! :heart: If I would only thought that I can just put scores outside of the table… Funny how a mind gets stuck trying to replicate something exactly as is instead of thinking just a bit outside of a box!

Thanks a million for help :smiley: