How to extract Url of image that is created by pack quickchart

Hello. I have create a table with quickchart pack to pull and image in.

I have tried useing formula ParseJson to pull out this image Url but it turned out to be blank. No t like an image that is attached file in the table.
I also tried [column].url() ,and it is not working . Only row url show up

I would like to ask how could i get an url out of the image generated by quickchart.

Hey there!
Try Image._Merge().ToText() to see some hidden image values, there’s usually a publicUrl key there which you could then for example get by Image._Merge().ParseJSON("publicUrl")

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Use Image._Merge().ParseJSON(“url”)

thanks for the help. but this don’t work.

However, i already figure the way out by reading opensource code from Quickchart to get chart js URL itself. cheers

I tested it and that’s what worked for me :frowning:

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To extract the URL of an image created by QuickChart, use the .getUrl() method on the QuickChart object after configuring your chart, ensuring it’s correctly initialized.