How to find the spot of multiple values in a list of values?

Here is a doc that better explains the problem.
I tried but couldn’t make it happen with multiple values.

Hi @Fran_Vidicek :blush:

Is this what you were trying to do ? :innocent:
(See the green field in the sample below :blush: )

Edit : So the “Green field formula” is :

And what it does is : It takes the list of values in [Split() - Eggs in Group 2 that are not in Group 1] and for each value in the list (each value in the list being stored within CurrentValue), it find its position in the list of values in thisRow.Split() - Group 2 :blush:


Nice one @Fran_Vidicek

I began by “cleaning” your list Group 2 and Eggis in group 2 not in Group 1

The trick :stuck_out_tongue:


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That’s exactly what I was trying to do!

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That simplicity :sunglasses:!! Well done !


I was so insistent to get the result with find() function… your solution would have never crossed my mind.

Once again the coda community comes to the rescue.

Btw what device are you using? The emojis look completely different.

Often in coda this is not so much a question of technical difficulty : if we think about it, there is a very limited number of formula. This is more about the way of thinking to convert a problem within coda logics !
(if the question was for me i’m on win10 :wink: )


Thank you both @Fran_Vidicek and @Quentin_Morel :blush: !

Well, you were pretty close by trying to use Find() :wink:

The thing here is that Find() will retrieve the position of something into something else but here, as you were trying to find the position of each “egg in group 1 but not in group 2” into the actual “group 2”, there was just a ForEach() missing :blush:
(if I don’t take into account the splitting of the strings :blush: )

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