How to keep Hyperlinks in Concatenate function inline with surrounding text?


I’m trying to concatenating several column values and one of them is a Hyperlink, however it is breaking the line as it were a block element instead of an inline one, see below:

If I don’t use the Hyperlink formula, it keeps all text together:

If I use the Hyperlink formula, the link “jumps” to the next line and the same happens with the text concatenated after it:

Does anyone know how to avoid this behavior?

Yeah, this is annoying.

Usually I just tend to avoid long hyperlinks and e.g. include a single character hyperlink () in the end of the text. But if I wanted to hyperlink the whole title like you did, I’d probably go ahead and do the vile thing of splitting the title down into words and making each word a separate hyperlink:

Title.Split(" ").ForEach(
  Hyperlink([Full Text], CurrentValue).Concatenate(" ")
).Concatenate().Slice(1, -2)

(not just Join(" ") because Join ruins rich formatting and removes hyperlinks; therefore concatenate with spaces and then cut away the trailing space)

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