How to perform multiple actions with a single button (or, how to use RunActions()!)

With a basic button, you’re able to modify a single table or perform a single type of action (for example, press multiple buttons). If you want a single button to perform actions on multiple tables or execute varying types of actions, RunActions() is a great thing to know about!

Here’s a help article I wrote on the topic:

Let me know if there are any other interesting ways you like to use RunActions()!


Interestingly, I just helped someone else with a very similar task. Here’s the quick example:


Ooh, there’s so much more to that!

  • If/Switch/SwitchIf work within actions:


    Use _Noop() (no operation) if you only need to do something if the condition is true but nothing if it’s false:

  • FormulaMap() works within actions:

      thisRow.ModifyRows([_Current project], CurrentValue),
      Tasks.Filter(Project = thisRow.[_Current project]).ModifyRows(...)
    Sequence(1, 10).FormulaMap(
      Table.AddRow(Index, CurrentValue)
  • Of course you can combine everything into one huge action, like here:
    Complex Coda Docs — Mapping them out for sustainability and continuous development

  • Buttons can press each other to make loops.

  • Buttons are great replacements for checkboxes where you need them checked/unchecked differently per user — see how starring/unstarring items works in @BenLee’s example here.

Also a thing to know: wrapping your action with RunActions is not necessary when you’re only performing one instruction (one action or one set of buttons to press). I.e. there’s no need to write

  Tasks.[Toggle Done]

to press all buttons in a column of Tasks. Simply

Tasks.[Toggle Done]

would work just as well. You only need RunActions() when you’re declaring two or more actions in a sequence explicitly (i.e. with a comma between).


Hi, Paul. My name is Breno.
Why would you use function _noop() that is not supported , if you could use switchif() instead of if()?
Is it any different?

IIRC Coda won’t let you use SwitchIf() in an action without an “else” branch. You’ll still have to use _Noop().

It is not unsupported — in fact Coda uses it a lot (e.g. for disabled buttons), and it will insert it into a button action that you haven’t finished setting up (that’s how I learnt about it).