How to use AddOrModifyRows automation

Hi, I’m trying to setup an automation that will copy a row from a Source Table to a Target Table, each in different docs. I am using the CodaExpert_Webhook pack to create a button that will send the data of a row in my Source Table to a webhook. In my Target doc, I have an automation set up that uses the Webhook trigger to copy the data from the Source table into the Target table using AddOrModifyRows.

When I click the button, the row gets copied over as expected, if it’s a new row. However, if I make a change to a Source Row and click the button again, a new row gets created in the Target table, with the updated data, instead of updating the row as I would expect.

I can’t seem to find any documentation on how the Modify part of the formula works. What does it look for to know if the rows are identical (apart from the updated data)? Thanks!

Have you looked at cross doc actions @Lee_Legg1 ?

It would make your process a lot simpler rather than using webhooks: How to Use Cross-Doc Actions | Coda Help Center

As for your question. Its probably best to give both rows a unique identifier maybe based on name or a numerical number thats generated on creation.

That way you can filter the target table for the source tables ID and then do modify row.

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