I can't access to coda until one hour

From one hour, I can’t access to my doc ! I get a blank page with nothing.
i am a little afraid because I spend hours to build a database.
What happens ?

Hi Serge,

Can you not access all your docs, or is it a specific doc?

At the bottom right of your screen is a “?”, which you can use to contact Coda support, from any doc.

Hi @Serge_Jesuha,

Coda just had a Major outage of 12 mins.
But everything seems to work again. Check out the Coda Status-Page.

Please check if this solved your issue or if it is still not working.


Thank for your response. All is good now. I don’t do anything, but now all work.

Thank for your response.
All works good, now.
Thank you

Okay, great @Serge_Jesuha.