Image column to insert SVG - Pack

Hello, I have the same problem. Is there a “new” way?
target : To insert an image/photo (image column) in the pack and insert it into an svg

Another alternative ?

base64 url image not work. Probably too long?

thx !

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Does it need to be an SVG specifically? For example, an alternative approach could be to use Bannerbear and the Bannerbear Pack to generate images.

thank you, i’ll have a look. the need is to create a pack that allows to generate cards / passes with name first name, profile picture, QR code, … (without paying)

I see. As far as I know Coda still restricts some of the features of SVG, which would prevent you from embedding an image. If you are building a custom Pack then you could return the image in a different format, like PNG, but you’d need to find some way to generate it or convert from SVG.

You may also want to try @Paul_Danyliuk’s Edit Images Pack:

I believe it has the ability to overlay images and text, which may be enough for your use case.