Import From Excel To Coda Tables

Is there any way to import data from excel to Coda tables. The condition below should follow.

if Excel.key == Coda.pub_key, then Coda.Nickname = Excel.nickname.



I want to automatically populate Coda’s Nickname base on pub_key. Thanks!

Hi @Alyssa_Gono

Coda perfectly manages copy and paste directly from excel (see this quick screenshot)
It autofills the headings according to excel one and recognizes the type/format of element (see the date)

Then, you can easily modify your data. You may also be interested in CSV Importer Pack

I did not understand what you desired with the formula “Excel.key …”

Please let us know


Thanks! I updated my post for clarification.

Hi @Alyssa_Gono, you need to clarify what you want to do : are we talking about one single table ? two ? Where do the “pub_key” come from in your coda table ?

  • if you have only one table, just copy/paste and make the modification you want
  • if you have two tables inside your coda doc, we need to understand the link between them

Thanks for those precisions that would help us to give advice to achieve your goals !

We are talking about one table from Coda and one excel file. The pub_key from Coda is already there. I can do manual populating of Nicknames based on pub_key. However, there are thousands of rows, I want to find a way to make it faster.

OK understood :

  • So you need to copy/paste your excel table (in grey in my document), and you also have your “existing coda table” :

You said pub_key_from_coda do already exists. Then, enter this formula on Nickname column from CODA table :

OK for you ?


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Wow, great! Thank you so much.

Happy to have helped ! Thanks for sharing screenshots and whole explanation, that was easier to understand then.

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