Import video from cloud service?

How can you import a video into a doc from a cloud service (e.g. Dropbox or Drive)?


  • Read the support article
  • Embedding Dropbox + Google Drive links (but I run into errors: Dropbox says something about needing to turn on cookies, which I did, but doesn’t fix it, Drive needs public access, which I don’t love, but even then I hit playback errors).
  • Tried the Dropbox and Drive integration, but that doesn’t help

I could, I suppose, upload it to Youtube as a private link but that seems like a lot of work for my own documentation.

Is there another way?

Update: I found a random Youtube video that suggests swapping www in the Dropbox link with dl and that, magically, worked!

Would love to hear from other folks if there’s another way and/or why that seems to work.

For Google Drive, you can do a custom Concatenate in this format to get an embeddable Drive link by using your file’s ID from the Google Drive pack.{your-file-id-here}/preview

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