In case you missed it, Puzzle #10 is live

This one is a bit trickier than previous puzzles, but we know that if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s you! #doitforthesticker

Deadline is Aug 18…good luck! :grin:


Done :slight_smile: my solution won’t work if you add extra fruit though.

Ha, it’s definitely a more challenging to handle adding fruit. And handling removing fruit (in the way I did it at least) required another twist. But both are definitely possible. Let us know if you want a hint :smile:.

As a fun sidenote, this puzzle was generated from a real customer situation where they generate baskets of product combinations. So it has a good real world application!

Totally possible, but hey, it’s just a puzzle :slight_smile: Instead, my solution is “look ma no automations”

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Sent, it handles adding fruit, but apparently removing rows doesn’t trigger an automation :man_shrugging: .

Would be helpful if we could access the column name somehow, or even have the option to define custom functions. (Or the option to access outer CurrentValue’s)

OK, I believe I got it where it is dynamic, fruit can be freely added or deleted, and no buttons (personal goal).

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@Joseph_B - same! I’d like a way to specify the row count/length of a table automatically then it would cover that last piece… :dizzy_face:

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I actually found a way to limit the row count to the necessary size. It was a “doh” moment for me. Happy to discuss in a DM.

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