In case you missed it, Puzzle #10 is live

This one is a bit trickier than previous puzzles, but we know that if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s you! #doitforthesticker

Deadline is Aug 18…good luck! :grin:


Done :slight_smile: my solution won’t work if you add extra fruit though.

Ha, it’s definitely a more challenging to handle adding fruit. And handling removing fruit (in the way I did it at least) required another twist. But both are definitely possible. Let us know if you want a hint :smile:.

As a fun sidenote, this puzzle was generated from a real customer situation where they generate baskets of product combinations. So it has a good real world application!

Totally possible, but hey, it’s just a puzzle :slight_smile: Instead, my solution is “look ma no automations”

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Sent, it handles adding fruit, but apparently removing rows doesn’t trigger an automation :man_shrugging: .

Would be helpful if we could access the column name somehow, or even have the option to define custom functions. (Or the option to access outer CurrentValue’s)

OK, I believe I got it where it is dynamic, fruit can be freely added or deleted, and no buttons (personal goal).

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@Joseph_B - same! I’d like a way to specify the row count/length of a table automatically then it would cover that last piece… :dizzy_face:

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I actually found a way to limit the row count to the necessary size. It was a “doh” moment for me. Happy to discuss in a DM.

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@justin Do we get notified if our answer is correct beyond the sticker being sent?

Hi @Joseph_B, yes! We’re in the process of reviewing the submissions and will let you know if your answer is correct :+1:

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Thanks for letting me know.

Congrats to everyone who submitted solutions to this puzzle! The solution is now live in the template.

Happy building,


Pretty close to my solution! Except instead of an aux table I used an section formula to list all permutations, then used nth to populate the table.

Yeah, same as mine as well. But instead of the “ensure x rows” button I’m just always having the max possible number of rows (27) and using a filter to not show empty rows :slight_smile: