Is an editable Bi-directional relationship possible without Automation?

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If you spent hours trying to figure out this functionality I think that’s good feedback for the team as an indication to document the functionality better in the help files.

But I think the real solution is yet to come, when we finally get a truly bidirectional lookup (without formulas and without automation) like exists in AirTable.

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@Ryan_Martens thanks!

Yes, this is a pain point with me since I started extensive use of Coda about a year ago. I am not a developer, but well-versed in most other productivity apps out there, and fairly proficient in Excel outside of formulas and functions. I have found that I will hit a roadblock between beginning something I am trying to set up in Coda, and getting to the end of making it work as I desire.

I am not sure how many users of my skillset are in Coda now, and if this is the target segment of the vision of Coda. I would say about 90% of what I read in the community is on a very advanced level, so if the sample of users here is where Coda is targeting moving forward, I am probably not an ideal user/Maker. In fact, I’ve started to think that Coda may head in the direction of multiple other frameworks out there that are basically platforms for development given the expertise needed to master it and the time necessary to gain that expertise, especially if you are not a developer.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the fact that nowadays there are dedicated teams, not just individual positions, within larger software companies for Jira admins. I find Jira actually less complex than Coda, but it’s complex enough all the same to require companies to hire specialists. I could see companies actually hiring “Coda admins” over time.

The bottom line for me is that I will spend a lot of time looking at things I am setting up and getting stuck in the “why isn’t this working as I think it should,” which usually leads to those hours of time spent trying to figure out what’s going on. Almost all the time these roadblocks wind up with me having to work through some formulas which challenge me if I’m trying to do anything with a level of sophistication such as here:

And just in case this is useful feedback for others in the forum, I can say that I had a lot of trouble for a while mastering the notion of “thisrow” in formulas. I think it would be great to see a dedicated section in the Coda Knowledge Base about thisrow, written for novice Makers. Thisrow is an essential in the Coda Formula Language, but not easy to master at all if you are not a developer used to formulas.

I hope all that is useful! Thanks again for responding!

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Hello @Al_Chen_Coda, are bi-directional editable relationships something that you’re still considering on a foreseeable timeline? It would make Coda so much more usable. Tables and relationships between them are at the core of Coda’s value, and this seems like an essential step to advance them.