Is it possible to decrease spacing of rows in mobile app?

Hello. I was wondering if there is way to reduce the spacing of rows for mobile app?

For my use case, I use it to refer to an ingredients list and having all my rows visible is helpful when my hands are busy/dirty with prepping.

I’m open to possible workarounds. Thanks!

Hello @marcusqwj!
Right now it is not possible to reduce the row height. As a workaround I would suggest making a bulleted list of the ingredients.
First create a column in your ingredients table with the next formula

Format("{1} {2} of {3}",

Now, in your recipes table add a new column and use the next formula:

thisRow.Ingredients.[Column added in the previous step].BulletedList()

And this is the result

Sorry for the spanglish (spanish-english mix)


Hi @Saul_Garcia What a wonderful suggestion! :smile:

I had no idea I could format it this way.

You have my deepest thanks.


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