Is there are ways to create users groups and attach permissions to them?

Probably I am missing this option but I can find out how to create a user group and attach them permissions. Can anyone direct me how do it?

As permission is on the document level and not folder or section (which combined with deeper nesting could be great for creating work-spaces) I found myself in a need to create the various parts of a workspace in different documents and repeatedly attach the same users. As the number of users increases, it becomes less and less comfortable and search for an easier ways to manage permissions.

Dear @Maydan_W,

Permission settings is still in development and I have no idea when we can expect the first roll out.

For the time being, the below might be valuable to you :handshake:

With credits to @Krunal_Sheth :gem:

Hello @Jean_Pierre_Traets, Thank you for the above response. Was there any further updates on the Permission settings development feature for Coda? I see this response was in Aug’19.

Thank you.

Dear @Sui_Narayana,

Coda has been developing a lot ever since…

It’s not clear what you are exactly searching for when it comes to the permissions
I would recommend to check out this documentation.

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Hello @Sui_Narayana

Are you referring to creating user groups in the workspace and controlling access to docs or the ability to set doc permission by user groups?

Right now we do allow for permissions to be set on doc level and folder level with private folders. We are currently working on workspace setup and the team would love to hear from our makers about what they would like to see. We are only in the early phases, so I can’t make any promises on timeline or what has been incorporated so far.

If you want to share your thoughts on permissions controls you would like to see in Coda, please share your thoughts at the Suggestion Box.
Here are a few related topics:

Group Permissions
Granular Access Controls

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Hi Kyleigh,

Not sure if you meant to send this to me or to @Sui_Narayana, but I am very interested in this topic and actually created the Group Permissions thread to which you referred. I just added a little more detail there about how folder permissions do not work for our use case. Would be happy to discuss further.


Just meant to respond to Sui, but I linked your topic as it felt relevant to Sui’s question. Thank you for starting the topic on user groups as it helps our team to gather all the possible use cases to take into account as we build Coda for the future.

I see OP sent this message out on August 2019. Any updates here?