Coda Adds Members to Folder Automatically?


I have just started to implement permissioning by utilizing Google Groups instead of individuals, but I’ve happened upon a big hiccup in my plan.

Clearing out all individual user access to a specific folder and replacing that with the group, it looks as though anyone that goes to the folder level is being added automatically to the members list individually. I do not want this to happen! Any way to disable this “feature”? Also, why is this a feature at all? Membership shouldn’t ever happen automatically in my estimation.

That image shows myself, the google group that I intentionally put in there, and then the 3 people I had test access with that were automatically added to the folder permissions by Coda.

I realize our permission is set so that anyone in our workspace can join, but how can I adjust that so it can be more narrow without having to make it a private folder? Or is that my only option?

Hey @Sara_Jean_Kwapien ! Thanks for reaching out. We have various folder types including the My Docs folder, Public Workspace folders, and Private Workspace folders (available for Team and Enterprise Workspaces). I recommend checking out this help article to learn more about each of these folder types and how you can use them to organize your docs: Overview of Folders | Coda Help Center

As you’ve discovered, when a group or member joins a Workspace, they will be automatically added to any Shared Workspace folders. The only way for you to keep these docs in folders secure is by either housing them in your My Docs folder or in a Private folder. Hope that clears things up!