Issue with RunActions looping twice

Hi all,

:sos: I’m having an issue with the formula RunActions.

Whenever the list running the FormulaMap has more than one element, the first action gets executed twice.

Can someone help me with that?

Here is the formula applied to the button “Plan”:

 ModifyRows(thisRow,thisRow.[Check Planned], true() ) ,
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].AddRow([Team Effort Dummy Table].Quarter, thisRow.Quarter,  
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].Week ,CurrentValue,
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].Initiative, thisRow.Initiative,
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].Effort,thisRow.Effort,
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].[Project Owner],thisRow.[Project Owner],
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].[Effort #],thisRow.[Effort #],
    [Team Effort Dummy Table].[Business Unit],thisRow.[Business Unit]

Here it is the document to test it out in the page “Effort evaluation_v1”.

:bulb: Another question: if I would like to empower the formula by adding multiple project owners, is there a way to trigger the button the insert rows in “Team Effort Dummy Table” to create one row per each user per each (i.e. loops through “Project Owners”, for each project owner loops through “Weeks” and insert one row per each user-week).

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @Leonardo_Vigolo

probably related to this bug
We are waiting fro Coda to release a new version with a fix.

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Thanks a lot @Martin_Portevin, hope Coda will fix it soon.

In the meantime I’ll try to mitigate the problem with your solution :pray:

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