Issues aggregating values by date from another table

Hello everyone,

I have a doc where I want to log the history of different items over time, and then viualize the evolution of some of their meta data aggregated per day.

I have a button that for each item it creates a row in a history table, where the current date and other values related to the item are stored.

There is another table with a row per day, where the values from the items are aggregated.

When the button is pressed, the history is generated correctly, but the aggregated values don’t appear in the other table until I manually overwrite the dates manually.

After manually selecting the date it works

Does anybody know why does this happen?

You can see my issue in the following sample doc clicking the button in the ‘Aggregated Data’ page:

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi @Pablo_DV :blush: !

It seems like the culprit is your Now() in your button :blush:

Now() always output a Date/Time value (the precision here is to the seconds).

In your button, you use it to create an apparent date in your table [Issue History].
But if you display Now() in a Date field, the time part will still be there, hidden behind the scene.

So, in your table [Aggregated Data], you’re not exactly comparing a date to a date but a date/time (with a certain set of hours, minutes and seconds behind the scene) to another date/time (where the time part would be set to midnight, as it’s the default time value for a date) both displayed as a dates… which is only corrected when you edit the field :blush: … or vice-versa :innocent: .

My point here being that there seem to be a mismatch between the values in the Date field in your table [Issue History] and the Date field in your table [Aggregated Data] which most likely comes from Now() :blush:

Depending on how important Now() is in your setup, you could use Now("day") (which is the equivalent to Today()… I’ve talked a little bit about this recently, in this topic :blush: )

… or in your Filter() in the duration field Reported, you could round your to the day unit using DateTimeTruncate() .

[Issue History].Filter(
  Date.DateTimeTruncate("day") = thisRow.Date).Reported.Sum().WithName(
  If(S = 0,"",S)

I hope this helps :innocent:


It works perfectly now, thank you very much @Pch !!

My pleasure @Pablo_DV :grin: !

I’m very glad to know this now works as expected :raised_hands: !


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