Launched: A whole new timeline chart (fka, Gantt)

It’s nice, but it’s missing some things that I consider essential for primetime. In particular there are two things that I would be very keen to see:

  1. Support for additional fields to be displayed on the left (for example, so that I could add resource names, duration, status, or other task metadata as columns) - High priority
  2. Allow me to select the table column that will be used as the bar label inside the text. This would allow me to calculate a label which contains the details of the task that I consider important. - High priority
  3. Allow me to select a table column to display an additional label outside the gantt bar (to the right or left of it) - Nice-to-have priority.

As it is - there is a lot of really important task information which is just not visible in the timeline view. The only way to see it is to drill through on individual tasks.
So a team looking at a Gantt chart can’t tell easily which tasks are assigned to which person. Or if a person is allocated at 100% or 50%. Or which team the task is assigned to (if that’s a thing), or what priority the task is (if that’s a thing).


Is there a way to hide a few months of the timeline view at a time? For instance if we’re using for quarterly planning and want the continuity of existing projects to continue, but we want to focus instead on Q2 without having to scroll past Q1?

@alden These are great updates! I second this suggestion here for a small improvement that would help a lot: More/better marks on the vertical bars whether it’s in day, week or month view.

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This maybe the most criticized post I have seen from a coda update …and honestly it deserves it. It’s been a while without any real update to the timeline chart. It is really inconvenient to have to use another tool for gannt charts.

Moreover, I would like to see actual development of codas visualizations. BI has shown that one can absorb much more data from well made visuals. To me, it appears that current chart views are acceptable for conveying data with very few vairables. Anything that contains layers of relationships can’t be displayed effectively in coda chart views.

Those revenue figures you all achieved at coda have been impressive…Aquisitions can be useful….


Have a look at this proposal

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I don’t mean this disrespectfully , but I don’t really understand.

Is it possible to have cells whose end date is the current day and this day gets updated to always reflect the current day?

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I’m happy to see the improvements you make on several areas. But Gantt charts are still pretty unusable for me :confused: (after 2 major updates)

I think it works okay for little projects with few variables. But I’m trying to make a resource allocation gantt chart for a team of ~20 people in the span of a few months, then I run into a lot of problems:

  • Sparse time labels make them hard to use since I have to count the lines to understand it
  • If scroll down on the page, I can’t see time labels anymore :open_mouth: . That’s so frustating.
    • They should stick to the top of my viewport.

Those two little problems above are showstoppers alone.

  • Shorter bars truncate the label inside them. In my case, around 70% of the bars aren’t readable because of that.
    • The label could appear to the side of the bar when it doesn’t fit
    • Then you could get rid of the sidebar and leave more room to the chart itself
  • Person avatar are really nice, but they get cut offscreen on larger bars.
    • They could stick to the right of my viewport
  • groups aren’t very clear, it is easy to miss them
    • maybe horizontal lines separating “lanes” could help. Or zebra striping.
  • progress bar? :slight_smile:

If I have a task with multiple milestone, how do I see them in just one row? For now, I have to duplicate the task for each milestone which stacks them in the timeline view. I just want to see one row in timeline.