Launched: Crisper, clearer, more compelling comments

You don’t have to look very far on Coda’s homepage to see that we aspire to make the best doc possible for teams. Of the many ways teams collaborate in Coda, one of the more ubiquitous is commenting. You may have noticed some changes to comments in Coda, and today I’m excited to share the full run down of updates we’ve designed to make working with your teammates clearer, crisper and more compelling.

  • Attach images and files in comments: A picture can be worth a thousand words, so we’ve made it possible to drag images and files into the comment composer so you can share them with your collaborators.

Comment Attachments.gif|744.8888888888889x419

  • Number indicators: We’ve replaced the generic comment icon with an icon that shows the number of comments in a thread. Now, you can tell if a particular bit of text or a row in a table is getting a lot of attention, and it might be time to hop on a Zoom to discuss. (Don’t worry ー we’ve got a pack for that.)

Comment Number.gif|773.3333333333333x435

  • Performance, performance, performance : We’re obsessed with improving performance at Coda, and we’ve made some tweaks on our end to make docs with comments and scrolling through comments faster.
  • Getting the full commentary without taking the full screen: Longer comments will now show a “Show More” option to make sure they don’t take up too much room on your screen.
  • New compose behaviors: Ever send a comment before you were done? The Enter or Return keys on your keyboard were likely the culprit. Starting today, hitting Enter or Return while composing a comment makes a new line; if you want to save your comment you can click the “Send” button or type Command + Return on a Mac, or Control + Enter on a PC.
  • And a little something extra: We’ve made a few other small tweaks ー let us know if you spot them!

Thanks for all of your great feedback about collaborating in Coda. We look forward to your comment-ary on these new features (terrible pun intended). Happy making!


Love the image attachments!

Another small quality of life improvement that I really need regarding comments/notifications is the ability to mark a notification as read directly from the user drop-down menu, so I don’t have to open it:


It’s great to see the constant stream of improvements! Commenting is so powerful in teams.

For the wishlist: it would be awesome to be able to reference comments formulaically:


Another awesome improvement! Im using comments more and more and this is very important! Thanks very much.

Two other cool things would be:

  1. Like or upvote comments
  2. Get the total of comments for every row as a property column.

i’ve spotted the “Resolve” button :smiley:
did i win uptovoteable comments? :joy:


So cool! Thanks for sharing.

Any thoughts on enabling comments to be shared across cross-docs? Or if there’s a workaround for this I’d be interested to know!

Great suggestion Bailey! We are thinking about ways we could make comments more programmatically accessible; nothing firm to share yet, but will follow back when we potentially have opportunities to test.


It would be awesome if there was a comments dashboard where I can see all of my comments and threads. With so many docs, it is easy to miss a new comment come in.

Is there a way to view comments from oldest to newest? Thank you!

Is there any way we can enable comments for published Doc?

These are great updates, but there is a need to continue to make improvements to how comments work: