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Hi everyone, I design workspaces in Coda for businesses from different niches. In all my work, the notification and comment system in Coda is one of the biggest challenges for me and my clients. For many, this problem became critical and they had to choose another service over Coda even though Coda had more functionality.

Coda only shows a limited number of comments in the notification center. Comments disappear after a certain amount of time. There is no comment history in the notification center.

In one of the cases I cooperated with a marketing agency. They have dozens of copywriters on their staff and each group of copywriters has its own manager. Each team generates a huge amount of content that requires approval and revisions. Accordingly, this creates a huge flow of comments in the notification center. And the problems start here, when the manager simply misses many comments due to the lack of comment history in the notification center. The problem worsens when managers have days off and a lot of questions from copywriters accumulate. But it turns out that comments disappear from the notification center and only the most recent ones are shown.

Coda basically doesn’t have a single hub for managing notifications and comments. What do I mean by that? Look how it is done in Notion, for example. It saves the whole history of comments, you can mark comments as read or put them in the archive, but without deleting them completely! You can go back to any comment in your space at any time. And the most convenient thing is that the notification center also has a combined activity section in your space. All activity in your space is monitored in one place.
You can read how it works in Notion, for example, here

I think developers should look at best practices that are working great right now.
Coda is an incredibly powerful tool that will amaze you with its capabilities. But it has hit from where you wouldn’t expect it to hit. No simple tables and no functional notification center. Imagine a supercar without wheels. Here’s a rough idea of what it feels like.

The actual notification center has a horrible design. Why such a huge size of cards for each comment? Why do they disappear when marking a comment as read?

I am surprised that the problem with comments is hardly discussed in this portal. Is everyone really satisfied with the present notification system?

Effective communication in the digital workplace is one of the most important factors for productive work. At the moment, Coda does not meet all the requirements in this matter.


Can I just add a huge +1 to this issue. Time and time again me and my team are so confused as to how Coda with it’s amazing depth and breadth of features has such a poor and featureless notification system, it’s really paralyzing for more widespread use and really prevents me from getting the team off Slack and onto Coda.

Please prioritize this Codans!


Another +1. As documents sprawl having a coherent way to organize and track all this information is critical for ultrawide adoption at organizations that prioritize commitment to these actions. For example, here is how quip addresses it - Quip - Get your projects done with checklists and reminders and Help And Training Community. Any items that is a checklist item will be added to your task drawer.

Please prioritize this!


Yeah the comments do have scope for improvements - but it’s not a unique problem to Coda - a lot of people have oppionions about it.

If your Doc’s are hubs for cross-functional teams and if there isn’t a ‘communication policy’ in process, knowing where to ‘push’ a notification can be challenging regardless of your collaboration platform.

Each has there own approach- SmartSheet, for example, has ‘notification’ features, whereas Coda you’d use Automation to create that.

Sometimes in a comment, I’d like to create an email just as tool for escalating a problem into somebodies face - that could be slack, whatsapp, teams…

Too many notifications is a problem though. I’d like to see a ‘bot’, like an ‘AI’ user that can the summaries features of GPT an apply that to notifications.


+1, comment link rely only on the main table, so if user commented in table view and mentioned there another user it is quite confusing for the last to get to the main table, but not the view where comment have been created.


This is a great addition to the requirement. This nuance is also a big headache and really confusing).

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Dear friends who just dropped by this thread! Please don’t go away and support us by clicking on the voting button. The developers have an incredibly huge flow of requests. I’m sure this topic will sooner or later be relevant for every user in Coda. As your projects develop, the topic of comments and notifications may become the center of problems that can affect the quality of all your work. Please vote and leave a comment. It is very important to promote this topic. :relieved:

@Tamerlan_Kagarmanov , haven’t you researched an opportunity to collect comments on the page and to save them to your tasks page? Frankly speaking idk yet is it possible. Will try to build it today

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Thanks for the suggestion. But you see, first of all the problem is that Coda doesn’t have a convenient single notification center. It is simply impossible to manage the entire comment stream in doc. I mean natively, without any “crutches”. Yes it is possible to design a report system or something like chat for hot comments. Why do it, when this function should be simple and easily accessible in the standard functionality of Coda.

+1 on the issue of users being taken to the base table and not the view


+1 on notifications linking to the view, instead of the base table.

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