Mark comments as "resolved" + access to comments count and status via Formulas

We use Coda to manage our team’s project. There are tables with different project entities. Let say there is Game characters table. We discuss each character in comments to it’s record in table, so we want to:

  1. Determine if there are new comments for every row
  2. Highlight rows with unresolved comments
  3. Mark comments as resolved and hide that yellow triangle without removing them
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Would add to that the ability to display the last (n) comments in a column

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This function is available now: Launched: Table comment resolution

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I am in favor of more structure around comments, I would be curious as to what you all think about my suggestions here:

To sum up, a big piece, that I think would help you out @Denis_Peshekhonov, would be the ability to comment around a resolution. So when you resolve a comment, it will be clear in the comment stream what was done when that “resolution” happened.

So in your case, if I understand correctly, if you want to ask your teammate via @mention to check into whether a Game Character’s name existed in Greek or Roman mythology, when he/she resolves it, they would comment back “went to wikipedia, that name was the Greek one, not the Roman one.” Without the “resolution” comment, you just check the “resolve” box, but it’s not known what was done that led to the comment resolution! Not sure that’s a terrific example, but I hope you get the point.

I also think that provide a choice to either show comments from most recent at the top, or oldest at the top would be a great feature per @Jonathan_Lakin. A lot of apps offer this. Some users have tastes where they want the most recent comment at the top. But others view comments as a sort of history and like to see first off when the comment string started. So they prefer oldest at the top!


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+1 I face exactly the same problems. Sometimes it becomes critical and it’s just impossible to work. I am gathering like-minded people in bits and pieces and I urge them to vote in my request as well.