Automatic table for the comments

Hey everyone,

there are soo many comments I am being tagged on Coda. Sometimes it is a story, a one pager, table, and a work. And I always miss all of them due to lots of comments.

Is there any way to create a table where I can see all the comments that I am being tagged, url of that one-pager, story or table, and date of the comment.

Thanks for the help.

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There’s no official way but there are a few hacks.

One is through a pack I made but I don’t really distribute it, not through the gallery at least.

Another is a hacky way to load comments with a button reading directly from system grids, no pack required. However, using this method in the past got my docs blocked by Coda (it was live formulas though — maybe it’s not that bad with buttons)

Hey Paul,

Can you please help me to create this comment table in coda? I really know it and execute it.

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