[BETA] 💬 Comments Pack

For everyone who wanted to reference comments in their docs with formulas —

I made the Comments Pack!

Or, precisely, I made a fully working proof-of-concept that can load Comments as a sync table. It is a bit rough on the edges and it will take me a day or two to make it fully functional, but I can see it working already.

The pack will be capable to preserve formatting, user tags, uploads and images, and reactions. I also know how to include object (page, table, row) references so that you could then easily .Filter() the right comments to the right rows of data. Unfortunately it won’t let you add comments through actions — it’s a read-only pack that doesn’t use any hidden apis or anything unstable like that.

Since I actually need a backend for this to work (I basically have to open your doc there to extract comment data) this will be a paid pack since resources ain’t free. But I’m thinking of charging for it not per maker in your workspace but per the number of docs and the frequency of syncs you need it for. Also if you are very privacy concerned and cannot share your docs with me, I’m also considering an option where I just sell you a perpetual license to the code for you to install at your own infrastructure for one lump sum (you could also hire me to deploy it.)

I can’t wait to tell you all about how I did it but I need to get to sleep already.

In the meantime, if you are interested please fill out the form below:

Cheers and Happy Easter!


Hi Paul - how is this possible?

Through my own billing or quotes — similarly to when there are free packs to services that you pay for separately.

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Update on the Comments pack: it already works and it works sweet!

Here’s a little demo — open it in a new tab:

There’s a few todos I want to implement but that should be fairly straightforward:

  • Better display values (instead of row IDs)
  • Extracting tagged people into a separate column — e.g. so that a User could filter all comments they were mentioned in.

Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in getting your hands on the pack already, please DM me and I’ll add you to the system. If you’re privacy sensitive, you can license the code and host it on your infrastructure — I’m willing to sell licenses to enterprises and agencies, so also please DM me.

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And here’s a little demo video:


Nice Job Paul ! Would love to see some use case examples for this :slight_smile:

Viewing it. Have been asking it for a long time. Will comment more after checking out the video. Thank you so much for mentioning it.