Do comments last forever?

Is there any expiry on comments? Either because they become too many, or they get resolved, or just sit there fore too long? Just looking for some reassurance before I commit to using comments to track important information over years.

Can’t give a definitive answer, but I’ve never seen a comment disappear without being resolved. That said, I have a bias toward putting important information into rows themselves to try to make them more searchable, discoverable, formattable, and formula accessible. Open to hearing otherwise on that if other people have insight.

Why are you putting important information in your comments? What do you mean by important?

Hi @Ryan_Martens,

You’re good to use comments. You have to deliberately delete them for them to go away. If you use “Resolve” instead, they are still available to view and just marked as hidden.

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Dear @BenLee,

Do you know if there is a way to “import” these comments and support data like “created by/on” in the main section of the doc?

This would be useful when evaluating staff on their input/activities :thinking:

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We don’t have that ability currently, but it’s been an idea that we’ve looked into. It’s not a scheduled project, but one of those that might get picked up at some point.

Actually, for the very reasons that you mentioned, at first I tried building system for making comments/notes that would automatically record the person who made the comment as well as the time the comment was made, but it became a little bit over-complicated, and I realized that the built-in comment functionality was more familiar and user-friendly.

Hey Ryan and @Connor_McCormick, I went ahead and created a separate request for the ability to index Comments, which I think would really help the usability of comments inside Coda, for a lot of what you describe here Connor:

Thanks for your time guys!