Improved Notification Management & Comments

We are trying to use Coda to track project management in a shared doc with a client. Comments are used a significant amount, but it’s not obvious until you click on a page if there are unresolved comments.

Our docs tend to have 15+ sections as they grow with the client and the notification system is one alert and then gone. It should show the number of unresolved comments next to the section title on the left navigation for quick skimming. I wish there was a way to easily view all unresolved comments tio, and better yet, a way to set a status or create a matter task easily from a comment and linking it.

The clients are getting confused about what they need to respond to and the current notification system is really rough. Click on it once and you’ll forget about it. You don’t get alerted when someone responds to a comment either unless they tag your name.

Comments/notifications have to be heavily improved.


Totally agree.

We come from using Asana where notification management is one of the greatest weaknesses of the system and it would be great to see Coda doing a better job here.

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Surprised there isn’t much discussion around this. I so badly want Coda to work well as a shared project management document with our clients but right now, our clients get massively confused by the notifications.

Even with the existing system, if you click on a notification of a new comment in a comment thread, if there are a few other comment threads, you can’t even tell which one you clicked into.

Even little things like how small of a view the top-right notification gives you doesn’t make sense. Why not make it taller? You see 2 maybe 3 comments before having to scroll down in that small area.

Wish you could mark a notification as “unread” or something from that area too. Just because I clicked and viewed it doesn’t mean I took action on it. So easy for things to fall by the wayside.

Just in general, we are managing 3 docs with 3 different clients. We are INCREDIBLLY overwhelmed. Our clients, who are fairly tech savvy, are also overwhelmed with the kludgy notification system and they are only managing 1 document!

I really do believe that this is integral for coda’s success in the project management space.


@alex totally hear you on this one :slight_smile: As you might imagine we also have lots of notifications flying around inside Coda and have a big list of things we want to improve about them. Recently we took a pass over the notifications panel in the doc and would love to get some thoughts and feedback from you and others. Mind if I direct message you and setup a quick video conference so that we can better understand your needs and show you some of our ideas?


@lane yes, most definitely!

That would be great, thank you!

Any update on this? Still one of the #1 pain points of Coda. Heck, even just having the tiny notification box taller would help. Notifications right now are so rough and also, just clicking on one of them to view should not be marking them as complete.

I wish it was more like the Asana Inbox where you can interact with each one but you’d have to click the x to dismiss each one. Notifications should be more like tasks that you have to check off.

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Working on it from several angles at the moment! Sorry for missing your prior message, will DM you now to show you some prototypes on our thinking and get feedback.


Any update on this? I would like to see:

  • Notifications in a page view (side bar is difficult to use)
  • Unread filter

Those two things seem like low hanging fruit which would help the overall experience. I’d prefer to have communication about tasks (which we set up in coda) to remain inside coda, but most conversations make their way to discord where its much easier to … well … communicate :slight_smile:

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I posted a system we are using in our docs for this on another thread.

I should add that we don’t have a goal of moving away or trying to replicate discord-like tools in Coda. We do our “live” communication in tools like Slack, google meet, etc, with status updates and critical transition information noted and tracked in Coda.

It’s easy to lose track of threads and updates inside of tools like Discord or Slack, so that’s where we try to draw the distinction.

Another idea here would be to make them zapier/api accessible … some users of docs would prefer an email, others an SMS, etc.

Also trying to bring the commentary issue up on the agenda

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