Limit the number of rows shown for a table on first load

Would be nice to have a table option to limit the number of rows shown upon initial load (literally LIMIT in SQL).

Some nice QOL features of this option would be to make its value common (at least default to the value set for any display, and can be changed on an individual basis afterwards) across multiple displays for that table, like gallery, and timeline (as these also tend to quickly grow vertically as the row count increases). Also, the option could be inheritable from view of that table.

Somewhat similar to this: Show first n rows of a table, with the difference being that it would directly apply to the original table without needing another view for that table. This is desirable for pricing and organizational reasons, as not being able to limit the number of rows visible for a table may mean that table is not suited to be in a page with other tables, and so the original data may need to be hosted on its own page and the limited view can sit in the page where you intended your original table to be. This fragments your data for artificial reasons.

The remaining rows could then be shown via paging, with a button at bottom of table rows with “Next X rows”, where X is the limit, and replaces the current X rows with the next X rows, table size stays identical (or almost). Or, by loading the next chunk of rows and rendering them in addition to the current rows of the table, with two buttons at the bottom of the of the table rows, one with “Load next X rows”, and the other with “Load all Y rows”, where Y is the total number of rows that would otherwise be shown for that table.