Making OAUTH call to API

I am trying to code a pack that will integrate with my school’s SIS via it’s API.
It uses OUATH2 (with an ID, secret, and scopes) and it returns a bearer token that is used in subsequent data calls.

I can’t figure out which authentication method to use. The API does not use an authentication URL but that seems to be a required parameter to use Oauth??
Current code is below. It compiles but when added to a doc asks for authentication but it should not require that as that is handled via the secret and id (which are configured in that Pack settings) on the API side (it has no username and password).

import * as coda from “@codahq/packs-sdk”;
export const pack = coda.newPack();

type: coda.AuthenticationType.OAuth2,
authorizationUrl: “Veracross”,
tokenUrl: “”,
scopes: [“master_attendance:list”],
additionalParams: {
grant_type: “client_credentials”,


PS : I had to cut off pieces of the code to post (was only limiting me to 2 links).

Hi Keith, thanks for reaching out! I found these resources that could be helpful for this. Check them out and let us know if that helps.

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