Managing work in progress in a Wiki like document

Hi everyone,

I’m a member of a team that is creating a Wiki like document for our company using Coda. This document will contains information about the company itself, roles, projects, communication and so on. Everyone within the company will have viewing access to this wiki. A managing team will be responsible for its content, and only this team members will be editors.

We want like the wiki to be always trustful, and so would like modifications to be instantaneous. For example, we want like to avoid displaying a WIP page that is only half written for a new project, or currently being rewritten from scratch because the process it describes is undergoing heavy modifications.

My question is then: how to handle those WIP modifications? The most straightforward way I can think of is a copy of the Wiki only the editors would access to. They would work here, and copy pages into the actual Wiki once they would be ready. It would work indeed, but it does not seem to be they best way to do it.

Is there a way to edit a documents pages without changing said pages appearance until the modifications are approved, like in some actual wikis? Is there any better way to handle this WIP situation? A workaround some of you might use that would have proven more efficient than the double document system?

Keep in mind that I’m quite new to Coda, so I may have missed features that would answer this question.

You could have the editors copy the page, then hide the copy and work on that… then when done either unhide and delete the original, or copy the new values into the old. The advantage of copying would be preserving the url of the original page that might have been linked to.


Thank you for the suggestion! Using a hidden page could be a nice workaround indeed, I did not think about this.