Marking Up Images / Comment Markup like Clickup?

Is there a capability that I am missing in order to markup an image or create a comment trail? I was attempting to create a step-by-step process. I love that Coda allows me to bring in images, but I think it’s missing something. I am aware that I can embed images into comments, but I believe it would be more useful if it were built-in to Coda. Perhaps there is a third-party plugin or integration that could be used. I was wondering if the community knows of any such existing options, or if I am simply overlooking something.

Thank you in advance,

Hey @End_Your_Search! I don’t believe this is something we support right now, but we’ve added a feature request vote for this on your behalf. You’ll be notified if this gets built out!

Thank you so much Jasmine! thats amazing to hear you took the time to do that for me.

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