My coda apologies

I use coda for everything in my business. Starting from requesting bids (I’m a residential developer) to managing documents, sharing knowledge privatley to subcontractor and buyers alike. I literally recieve an email with a bill and within 2 minutes i recieve a parsed version that is uploaded to quickbooks. although this is done with the help of other services (Veryfi to parse the invoice and coda to fill in missing info needed for quickbooks - my bills are around 100-150 line items so without some automation process its a nightmare to account for). Anyways - i have been so frusterated with coda at certain points becuase they have lacked functionality in areas that “seem” easy to fix (I have been more vocal about thier gannt charts and the sea of white space they leave us). But I have used coda nearly every day since 2020 or begining of 2021. These guys (and girls) have worked so hard and have done so many awesome things in not just addressing the couple of matters i may have made a fuss about in the past - but solving them in a way that expands upon thier state of the art automation, customization, database orgy. Its impossible to operate with the creativity and flexibility coda offers with any other database focused software - while also being able to deliver your work to clients. It is the lack of (lets say “beauty”) that coda has hurt me in the past - but they keep improving on design - in a super effective way. I still think notion looks better on the surface - but you can’t do half of the complex functions in notion that you can do in a simple formula with coda. so the depth of content lacks with notion - however, it sure looks better while doing it. I believe coda is going to surpass notion in the aesthetics realm within the next year or two. I really think you guys are awesome…eventhough i have left some sassy posts in the past…


I have similar episodes where something [seemingly] simple, should be, well - quick and effortless. These are the moments where I remind myself that I’m pushing boundaries and it’s important to reflect on the point you’re at and how you got there. It seems that’s what your message is about.

In the grand timeline of progress we cannot lose sight of the journey. Just the other day I was trying to build a better machine learning validation process and I struggle to create a pack to pull directly from S3 and serve up one-minute videos for vehicle recognition tests. I was a bit angry that it wasn’t coming together so easily and then I took some time to examine the features. No one has built this kind of test suite with such an approachable and friendly UI.

This type of application is simply not possible in Notion, or any #no-code or #low-code business tool. But I’ve become complacent with the quality and level of complexity in the systems and worker-facing solutions I’m now building with Coda. I’ve forgotten how far Coda has carried my whacky visions of smooth and effortless reporting and workflows that accelerate work.

I need to apologize as well; for not thanking the Codans enough.


Hi Ryan,
I’m in a similar situation with using Veryfi, Integromat/Make, and Coda. I was looking for an alternative to using Veryfi as the price structure was not for me. However, I did stumble upon another program that extracts similar info called Dext (Dext - Accounting solution toolkit for an efficient company), see picture. I haven’t tested it out yet but I figured I throw it out there.


Thanks I’ll check it out - veryfi Is pretty expensive (at least for their API access)

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