Need help for a formula with dates

Hi, my name is Matthias, I am new to Coda, this is my first post here and unfortunately and I am not familar with programming.
I want to build a resource management tool.

  • 127 employees belonging to
  • different federal states - each state has its own set of public holidays
    I got managed the display of automatic absence in the master calendar, if an employe has an public holiday in its state.

But every employe has vacation, is sick from time to time - so I would call it “personal absence”.
Now I want to build a canvas with two date fields:
“Start_date_of_absence” and “End_date_of_absence”
Each single date value between start and end should be added in a field of “personal absennce dates”, so I can check later in a master calender, if the actual date matches to one of the listed “personal absennce dates”. If yes, set a corresponding “OoO_personal” to “true”.

Where I need help is a formula, which adds the single date.values between “Start” and “End” to a corresponding field.
Can anyone help meplease to get the right approach?

Thanks and the best regards


Welcome to the Community!

@Christiaan_Huizer has a walkthrough in this article of his:

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