No styles for supertext and subtext

With my formatting pack:

I have code in there to provide wrapping in subtext <sub> and supertext <sup> elements:

However, Coda does not render them:

A user suggested that I could render them in a smaller font-size, however as the elements are stripped rather than just not styled, I would assume putting in another element with custom css styles would also be stripped.

Since this issue is related to this specific Pack, the Pack Maker is going to be the best source of support with this issue, as we cannot make changes to a third party pack directly. You can do this by reaching out to them at their support contact listed in the About tab for this Pack.

If it is a bug, we recommend sharing what browser you are using, screenshots, or a screen capture of the undesired behavior, and sharing the steps taken that present the issue.

Please keep in mind that Pack makers are not required to implement any feature requests.

Anything else I can help you with in the meantime?

I am the pack maker.

The issue seems to be that Coda’s HTML sanitiser is stripping sup/sub elements.

I’ve pushed a new version of my pack that replaces sub and sup elements with em as Coda strips them and alternatives out:

I’ve also added a new HtmlElements formula which renders all HTML elements so we can see which ones Coda styles and which they strip:

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