Non-responsive display of images in columns on mobile

Unlike text and even embedded PDFs, images in columns do not adapt to the page width on mobile.

While text and embedded PDFs in columns behave responsively on mobile by taking up the entire width of the screen, images do not. They remain in the width of the desktop column on mobile.
However, the expected behavior is, that images in columns should fit the width of the screen on mobile, just like text and other elements currently behave.

Below are examples with 2 columns and with 3 columns, displayed on desktop and mobile. Since the images do not change their width on mobile, the more columns there are, the smaller images are displayed on mobile.

Display on desktop:

Display on mobile:

I noticed the same thing recently and look forward to it being fixed.

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Images are the only blocks that do not fit the width of the mobile screen when placed in layout columns on desktop. All other blocks in columns behave as you would expect on mobile, they are displayed one below the other and take up the entire width of the mobile screen.

It would be nice if Coda would correct this and enable the expected behavior for images as well.

Using the Android app I assume that this is also true for the iOS app, can anyone confirm that?

I can confirm that it is true for the iOS app.

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