Normal Distribution

Has anybody ever tried to generate random numbers using a normal distribution? I want to have a table where one column is filled with random numbers. I’ve managed it fine with the Random() function, but it creates a uniform distribution.

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Hey Emily, welcome to the Community!

There’s Box-Muller transformation that you can implement in Coda to get somewhat normal distribution. One caveat is that trigonometry functions like Trig::Sine and Trig::Cosine are accessed through a pack and not natively in the browser, so this is very slow because each pack calculation happens on Coda servers in a queue.

P.S. Random() is not very random when you add rows in bulk. The seed is very weak so it often returns the same numbers in adjacent rows. Pinged support for that.

You can put the invocation of Random() in an in-canvas formula and it seems to do better for me

Thank you! I’ll have a play around with that :blush: