OpenAPI (Swagger) 2.0 spec no longer generated for the Coda APIs

OpenAPI (AKA Swagger) is a specification for describing the structure of an API, including its endpoints, parameters, and return types. These spec files are used by a variety of different developer tools, client library generators.

We provide an OpenAPI spec file for the Coda API using the modern 3.0 syntax, and previously we also provided a downgraded 2.0 version for compatibility with older tooling. However we discovered that the downgrade process wasn’t working correctly and the 2.0 version was invalid.

Rather than continue to invest in the almost decade-old standard, we’re removed support for the 2.0 spec and no longer provide it on our website. We saw incredibly low traffic to this version of the spec, and given that it was invalid for some time don’t expect it was used often. That said, if this is an issue for you please reach out and let us know.