Pack pricing & business model

I have a customer with about 20 users on the pro plan.
Since creating pages is only available to doc makers, five of those users are doc makers

One of those users would like to connect his account to hubspot to sync companies or whatever.

The problem is that since this pack is $30 PER DOC MAKER, that would simply double the bill for this company. Just for one user.

Long story short, they’re considering keeping only one doc maker with this addon ($60 / month) and keeping other users as editors. Page creation would have to be “per request” to that main user.

I find it sad but I really get the point.
Charging packs per doc maker make sense in some cases but in other cases it’s really counter productive because in this case :

  • coda will bill less
  • users will be frustrated
  • pack creator (coda also ?) won’t make any more money.
    They would happily pay $30/mo for the pack, just not per doc maker who will never use it.

With $2/mo packs it’s ok. But when the pack is more expensive than the tool, there must be a problem.
What do you think ?