ParseJSON to generate a list

I have a JSON data set that I would like to convert into a table. Is there a way to create a List out of JSON objects using ParseJSON?

Example link: JSON Parsing

My data

  "account-management": {
    "id": "account-management",
    "name": "Account Management",
    "shortcode": "ams",
    "uid": 110,
    "teams": [
  "availability": {
    "id": "availability",
    "name": "Availability",
    "shortcode": "avs",
    "uid": 120,
    "teams": [
  "reporting": {
    "id": "reporting",
    "name": "Reporting",
    "shortcode": "rps",
    "uid": 130,
    "teams": [

I would like to be able to convert that data into a 3 record list with each of the objects as individual items in that list.

I am not expecting it to just magically work, but is it possible to automate this to create a table of records that is sourced from a JSON source? Ideally I would be able to also retrieve the data via a HTTP request to keep the table up-to-date automatically.

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Stay tuned, I believe that support for this sort of automated integration behavior is on the horizon!

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Hello there @JonO!
I managed to get it working as follows.


Great solution! Way to think outside the box/JSON!

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Thanks! I really know close to nothing about JSON, but I know Coda. :sweat_smile:


Love this. It’s so aligned with one of Coda’s passions which of to give everyone the superpowers of a developer! :grinning: