Past and Present 🎁: A BIG thank you to our Community Champions!

February 14th is Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. What better way to continue our 10k celebration than to show some appreciation and love to our Community Champions?

Here’s a timeline of our Champions of when they joined the program:

@benblee aka @BenLee joined Dec 30th

@jeo joined Jan 2020 Jan 2nd
@Paul_Danyliuk joined Jan 2nd
@Jean_Pierre_Traets joined Jan 13th
@Saul_Garcia joined March 13th
@Federico_Stefanato aka @Federico.Stefanato joined March 13th
@Mariah_Olson joined May 22nd
@Phil_Hamilton-Schmidt joined May 22nd
@Daniel_Stieber joined Oct 9th
@Pch joined Oct 9th

@Sarah_Arminta joined Jan 24th
@Mina_Okpi joined July 14th

Congratulations to our Community Champions for the years of support for and with Coda! :tada:

Our Champions have driven so many efforts in the community with their knowledge, their passion, and their advocacy of Coda through the years. You’ve all been awarded the 10k Community Champion :weight_lifting_man: badge in recognition!

To ensure that this program continues, Coda is proud to announce that the Community Champion program has re-opened to accept applications for 2022! :partying_face:

To receive information about the program, qualifications, and/or for an application, please send me a DM: @steph


Hi @steph, I hope you are doing well. I was curious about the results of the program, thank you!

We are so excited by the interest applications have generated. Thanks so much for your patience. We’re finalizing a few additional details but I’ll have more to share in a couple weeks.