Please explain the "switched relation and linked relation" advanced option

I am referring to the advanced option for linked relation columns

Can someone point me to documentation that explains this in detail, or explain it here. I just have not been very clear on what this means exactly.

Is the only difference that a linked relation offer 2 way editing? its not clear to me when why there are 2 options for this because the functionality is so similar. what am i missing?

Perhaps this is a legacy feature? relation columns came first so those are preserved like they always were but for something new it makes more sense to go with linked relation…?

what are the use cases for a relation column when linked relation exists?

Thanking you in advance,



i found the documentation


this section of the documentation quoted below covers my question exactly, but i still don’t get the 2 different uses cases 100%. if anyone has examples of how they use it, that would be appreciated

A relation column represents the primary connection from Table A to Table B, whereas a linked relation represents the other side of the connection on Table B - and even lets you edit values back in Table A.

Another way to think of it: one relation column can have many linked relation columns connected to it, while a linked relation column is only connected to one relation column.

the part you highlighted in your original question seems to go one step further–switching which column is the “relation” and which is the “linked relation.” I’ve never really understood that one! how does one decide which should be side A and which should be side B? and if they are really two-way, why does it matter?

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