"Print" clips text at right margin

I created a doc that I’m using for weekly reports. When I go to print the doc (to PDF, for printing or sharing later) the print view is clipping text at the right margin. Is this happening to anyone else, and does anyone have recommendations for resolving it?

Have you tried reducing the scale? Print->More Settings->Scale? Or maybe print landscape?

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Hello Patrick,

This happens for me when I have a table in my doc that is wider than Coda’s default margin - then all text appears in a new larger width and gets cut off by the printer. This is resolvable by either hiding or reducing the size of some columns on the offending table, or like @Kurt_Kessler suggests, modifying your printing options, see below:


Thanks to you both for your responses!

When I print in landscape mode, it shows my table with all columns (no columns run off the side of the page). However, the text still fails to wrap.

I’ve also tried adjusting scale to no effect.

I’ll try to pull together a sanitized version of this doc that could be shared to show an example.