Published page can't hide search bar of table?

I have a page with a table, with Options > Table Display > Show Search set to “Never”.

When I publish a page, it’s correct - the table search does not display.

But for any viewer looking at this in a browser on iPhone the search bar is still visible. Not sure if the same on Android, but it’s persistent on all iPhone browsers I tested. Is there a way to stop this showing?

Side question: is it possible to make it so the Copy Link option doesn’t appear on every element on the page? All tables, images, hard returns show the copy link icon on hover

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Hey @Adam_Maggs thanks for reporting this. The search issue you’re describing is a known bug we’re investigating, so I’ve added your info to that. You’ll be notified when we have a fix!

As far as disabling the copy link option, that’s not something we support right now. I’ve added your vote for this feature request though, so you’ll also be notified if this gets built out :smile:

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Hi @Jasmine_B thanks for the update. Some related requests (possibly also known bugs?):

  • the “hide Add New Rows” option has inconsistent results across platforms
  • there’s currently no way to hide the “Add a New Group” button. And after hiding the Add New Rows option Group adding is also inconsistent across platforms.

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